UC Berkeley Women's Basketball Set to Travel Down Under

Exciting 10-day tour of Auckland, Cairns & Sydney

We’ve tailored a ten-day, three-city tour of Auckland, Cairns and Sydney that includes the best of our stunning scenery, action packed adventure, vibrant culture, as well as games against top competition.

From ziplining on a remote island, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to snorkelling the Great Barrier reef, the Cal team has plenty to look forward to.  This tour ‘Downunder’ will be an unforgettable international basketball tour.

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NZIBT Tours Include:
  1. Game Arrangement
    NZIBT organizes 4 competitive games for your tour. We coordinate with local and international organizations to arrange high-caliber teams for your tour. We handle everything from officials, facilities, scheduling and live-streaming.
  2. Sightseeing
    Each tour package includes activities that explore Kiwi culture and adventure. From zip lining to eating dinner with a native Maori tribe, there is an abundance of people to meet, things to learn and places to explore!
  3. Accommodation
    We arrange accommodation with the best hotels in New Zealand to ensure you are well-rested and comfortable during your stay.
  4. Travel
    Round trip airfare is included with each tour. New Zealand may seem a long ways away but we work to make the trip here smooth and easy.
  5. Transportation
    Whether it's city to city or country to country, all transportation will be arranged from the time your plane lands.
  6. Travel Party
    NZIBT tours are created for parties of 25 people. The travel party sizes can be increased by request.
  7. Community Outreach
    There are many opportunities to involve your team in community volunteering activities while on your trip. From clinics to school visits, choose what fits your program the best!
  8. Budgets in Mind
    We understand that budgets and funding varies across the college landscape. We will work with your program to create the best tour that suits your budget and exceeds expectations.
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10 Days of Sightseeing and Team Adventures!
  1. Girl waiting to zip line
  2. People climbing the Auckland Bridge
  3. A man receiving a traditional Maori tattoos
  4. 2 people zip-lining through trees
  5. Two people biking near an Auckland beach
  6. All Blacks Rugby game

Thinking About Visiting Australia?

Ready to visit the iconic Opera House or take the team for a climb across the infamous Sydney Bridge? 

Choose a tour package that visits cities in New Zealand and Australia. Have a few cities on your bucket list? We can include them in a tour that gives you the best of both countries!
two young girls holding a basketball standing under a hoop

Community Service

We understand that teams across the United States take pride in their work in their communities. We want to make sure that opportunity is available when you visit New Zealand. If you would like to include community service, we can arrange events such as volunteering at a local school or running a coaching clinic. 

If there is a specific activity you have in mind for your team, let us know and we will make the appropriate arrangements for your tour. NZIBT is here to make sure your team gets the most out of your trip!